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One company, Two branches is a sole proprietorship settled in Valencia, Spain, that focuses on two main branches. Architectural design on the one hand and the crafting of music festivals on the other.

Both pillars share the aims to create quality designs on the tangents of craft and industrialisation, tradition and innovation, comfort and sustainability.

The desires and needs of the end-users are central to the designs. As a designing and a building party, by means of clear and intensive communication in both word and image, is the pivot in the process of creation. Flexibility, a technical approach and eye for the human scale, together with a timeless appearance, tend to result into sustainable solutions, cut to size.

Do you intend to build a new dwelling? Or would you like to refurbish your current house? Perhaps I can lend you a hand to build your musical event?

Please feel free to enquire for an introductory appointment.

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Here below I tell a few things about myself.

Nick Verwoolde

Hi there, my name is Nick Verwoolde and in this section I'd like to tell you a about the work I've done since I left the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology in 2004.

For 2 years I worked at the municipality of Almere giving design support to the department of urban planning and landscape architecture that was developing a new district called Almere Poort. After that I transferred to Scala Architecten in The Hague, where I worked for 6 years on a large variety of projects. There I gained a lot of experience in all stages of the design and building process working on the realisation of dwellings, apartment complexes and schools.

In 2011 I founded my own company in The Hague: Studio Verwoolde. As a sole proprietor I worked on several refurbishments for private clients and did a number of experimental case studies. I did some consulting as a sales advisor for Spanish real estate and for a while I co-owned a webshop in nutritional supplements.

Due to the decline of the building practice as a whole I had to diversify and became involved again in the production of live events, as I had been during my studies in Delft. I started working at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the largest concert hall of the Netherlands with a capacity of 17000 visitors. There I managed day to day hospitality operations for roughly a 100 concerts a year. In the summers I moved my activities outside working at a many music festivals, building stages, decor and tents, installing illumination and audio, working bars and handling logistics of hospitality.

In 2017 I moved to Valencia, Spain and founded I teamed up with Javi de Toro Santoyo in Recoveco for my architectural projects.

Recoveco is partnering with HKCB, working on refurbishments in the Costa Blanca region.

Furthermore I am currently looking for opportunies to get involved into the Spanish music festival scene.

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